Employers have an obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees at home and abroad. Employees who work abroad are exposed to different and often greater health and safety risks than when working in their home country. It is important for organisations to be well prepared, so immediate action is taken if an employee is in a dangerous or unsafe situation or requires urgent medical assistance. Travel Risk Solutions provided by Eurocross Assistance is the answer.

What we do

We prepare your employees for their trip abroad. We perform a medical check and organize a training course with one of our partners, in which we identify emergency situations and show you how to deal with them. Once abroad, we offer your employees support and advice in the event of any problems. If the situation worsens we will proceed with evacuation, which we will fully take care of. Once back in the Netherlands, we offer professional care through our partners, if necessary. We provide these services to companies or organisations with employees working in or travelling frequently to (high-risk) foreign countries.

Our added value for you and your customers

  • 24/7 Emergency Contact Center
  • Extensive security services
  • Extensive medical services
  • Medical Team specialized in remotely assessing medical situations
  • Accompaniment and assistance before, during and after the stay abroad
  • Tailor-made support for the implementation of your Duty of Care policy