Eurocross Assistance is a Dutch assistance centre which provides worldwide medical assistance, pan-European accident and breakdown assistance and personal emergency alarms in the Netherlands.

People require assistance when they unexpectedly find themselves in unwanted situations. And that is when Eurocross is able to assist them. Our assistance coordinators will provide you with the best assistance by acting decisively, effectively and with a sense of commitment. This calls for professional expertise. Not just on the part of our assistance coordinators, but from the entire organization too.

We’re keen to introduce you to the services we provide. We realize that everything we do for your customers reflects upon your business. If customers are pleased with our services, they will also be pleased with your company. We transform your wishes and needs into customized work, with our professional expertise helping to safeguard the quality of your services. We will be happy to visit you in order to get to know your organization better and examine what we can do for you. Please feel free to contact us.