If you have employees travelling abroad soon, or if your business activities do not allow social distancing, we can help you.

Together with one of our partners, we can offer fast and professional coronavirus testing for you and your employees. The tests are carried out by medical personnel at our partner’s facility in Rotterdam or a location of your choosing. We also offer testing abroad.

If your employees have to travel abroad, we can provide the necessary tests at short notice. The requirements for the type of coronavirus test and the length of time between a negative test result and travel may vary from country to country. We can provide advice tailored to your situation. We always provide the correct documentation for the relevant country, enabling your employees to leave the country without concern.

To learn more, Please contact us. Call us on +31 71 362 17 03 or send an email to sales@eurocross.nl.

What we do
We offer your employees the correct coronavirus tests quickly and professionally. The tests can be taken at any desired location in the Netherlands, at our partner in Rotterdam or even abroad. We offer the standard PCR test, the SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test and the antibody test.

Our added value for you and your customers

  • Custom solutions for specific travel destinations or work situations
  • Expert advice
  • Reliable results
  • Certainty as fast as you need it
  • Employee safety