We help clients to be more valuable to their customers in a variety of ways. This page provides information on what we do. You can also watch the video about our services in which we explain all about what we do.

Our services

  • Medical and travel assistance

    Falling off a scooter in Thailand or ending up in hospital in South Africa with appendicitis: things like this can happen to anyone when they are abroad. Each day we help hundreds of people who fall ill abroad or find themselves faced with another problem for which they require assistance. They are glad to be... Read more »

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  • Travel Risk Solutions

    Employers have an obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees at home and abroad. Employees who work abroad are exposed to different and often greater health and safety risks than when working in their home country. It is important for organisations to be well prepared, so immediate action is taken if... Read more »

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  • Accident and breakdown assistance

    A tyre blowout on the motorway is not fun, but it’s even more infuriating when you’re on your way to a wedding or an important interview. Eurocross provides roadside assistance to customers in the Netherlands and abroad. When it comes to the topic of breakdowns or car accidents, most people don’t think it will happen... Read more »

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  • Personal emergency alarms

    Living independently and feeling safe in the familiar environment that is your own home. To many people these things are exceedingly important, especially when they get older, have a disability or chronic illness. Eurocross Personal Emergency Alarms offers personal alarm systems which involve wearing a small pendant at all times. If assistance is required, then... Read more »

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